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$1.25 Million Settlement for Trip & Fall Client Who Was Trespassing

On June 8th, 2022, Attorney Eliot M. Wolf of Wolf & Fuhrman LLP negotiated a settlement of $1,250,000 for a trip-and-fall accident client. While every successful case result is worth celebrating, this case is particularly interesting because our client pled guilty of criminal trespass based on where he was at the time of the accident.

Our client was trespassing on someone else’s property when he tripped, fell, and was badly injured. A police investigation and the hospital record revealed that he had illegal narcotics in his system, crack and heroin, during the incident and a lengthy history of many criminal. He would be charged and convicted with trespassing for this incident—but that doesn’t mean he lost his rights to protections under premises liability laws. A landowner has a duty to prevent foreseeable harms to persons on their property, whether they are there legally or not.

At Wolf & Fuhrman LLP, we believe that everyone’s right to justice and compensation after an accident is worth fighting for, no matter who they are or their background. Led by Attorney Wolf, we fought diligently for our client. During the litigation, we were able to defeat a motion for summary judgment that sought to have the case dismissed. Ultimately, we were able to bring the arguments to a mediator weeks before a trial date and secured the impressive $1.25 million settlement.

If you have suffered a serious injury from a trip and fall due to the negligent maintenance of a property, contact Wolf & Fuhrman. We’re ready to fight for you no matter what!

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