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$9 Million

Brain Damage

51 year old child care provider who suffered brain damage following complications of open heart surgery.

$8 Million

Botched Surgery

Milkman in Suffolk County who suffered nerve damage after hernia surgery. Defendant refused to make any offer to settle.

$7 Million

Birth Injury

Infant sustained brain damage at birth due to delay in performing C-section.

$5 Million


Failure to provide oxygen to 39 year old mother following C-Section.

$3.75 Million

Fractured Wrist

Laborer falls off ladder while painting. No offers made prior to verdict.

$3 Million

Trip & Fall

51 year old female in NY County suffers internal injuries on defective roadway.

$1.2 Million

Motor vehicle Accident

Client injured with carpel tunnel syndrome in car accident, her car door was hit by another car.

$1.5 Million


Prison inmate died due to prison denying services.

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