What To Do When A Doctor Tells You To Have Surgery

Many of WOLF & FUHRMAN LLP's cases involve our clients being told by a doctor on their very first visit that they need surgery. We recently settled a case involving a 42-year-old woman who had some abnormal uterine bleeding. Rather than her doctor's offering conservative, non­ surgical options that were available, including the use of medications to treat the problem, our client was told that she needed surgery. She underwent a total hysterectomy and the insertion of a sling to treat urinary incontinence. Our client had not complained to the doctors about problems urinating. Following the surgery, she developed scarring that now prevents her from engaging in pain-free sexual relations. Her life has been drastically changed by a surgery that could likely have been avoided.

When surgery is an emergency to save your life there are no other options. Elective surgeries are not an emergency and should not be scheduled on your first visit with your doctor. As pointed out in the attached article, "Facing Surgery? Here's How to Prepare", there often may be other options or non-surgical alternatives that can work just as well as surgery.

WOLF & FUHRMAN, LLP has another client who on her first visit to the doctor was told she needed to have her rear foot reconstructed with the insertion of a plate and screws, her heel bone cut and repositioned, and her calf muscle severed to treat her flat feet, a common condition that really did not affect her life. She was never given the option of an orthotic, or shoe insert that often is much more effective than surgery when used to treat flat feet. After the insertion of hardware into her rear foot, she is in constant pain. Had she been properly advised, or had she received a second opinion from a responsible surgeon, she certainly would have opted for an insert rather than the extensive surgery she underwent.

WOLF & FUHRMAN, LLP. recommends you read the attached article and follow the suggestions offered before undergoing any non-emergent surgery.

Article: Facing Surgery? Here's How to Prepare