Wet floor sign in food court

Can I Still File a Claim If There Was a Wet Floor Sign Present?

One of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents is wet floors. Typically, when entering into business or on other people's properties, there is a sign when there is a slippery/wet floor in close proximity. This is to help cover the property owner's back if someone was to get hurt by the hazardous condition. But what happens if you sustain injuries from a slip and fall, but there was a wet floor sign present?

Does The Law require wet Floor Signs?

As a property owner, it is required to warn guests of wet or slippery flooring while being addressed. The easiest way to do this is typically by having some form of a wet floor sign.

Correct placement of these signs usually includes:

  • Putting the wet floor sign around any corners to give an early warning
  • Placing wet floor signs before someone starts mopping
  • If the whole room is hazardous due to wet flooring, signs should be placed by all exits and entrances
  • Using three wet floor signs to create a triangular shape around the dangerous area

If A Sign Is Present, Can I Still Sue?

A property owner putting up a wet floor sign doesn't automatically save them from liability or lawsuits. It does, however, help reduce the amount of liability they hold in certain situations. You can still sue if a wet floor sign is posted and you still slip and sustain injuries.

We Can Help

To submit a successful claim when there is a wet floor sign present, it is recommended that you contact a premises liability lawyer right away. The property owner is likely to have begun working with their insurer to find ways to fight your claim, and you need someone on your side who is knowledgeable. Our attorneys at Wolf & Fuhrman, LLP, have extensive experience in fighting cases like yours and are dedicated to helping you get the justice you deserve.

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