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Wolf & Fuhrman, LLP is a Bronx, New York personal injury law firm successfully representing individuals and families involved in serious injuries and wrongful death cases, throughout New York State. As part of our commitment to our clients in personal injury cases, we prepare every case for trial to maximize our clients monetary recovery whether by settlement or verdict.

We will spend all money necessary to investigate and process our clients case, and advance all expenses and court costs necessary to successfully and aggressively win your case either through settlement or jury verdict. Our clients never pay us any money until we are successful in obtaining the monetary compensation they are entitled to.

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The Bronx personal injury litigation attorneys at Wolf & Fuhrman, LLP have dealt with many cases like yours in the past, and possess the expertise to make the most of your unique scenario. If you have recently been involved an incident, contact Wolf & Fuhrman, LLP as soon as possible for a consultation by calling (718) 509-6121 or filling out the form on the contact page.


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 Our Results

  • *9,000,000 – 51 year old child care provider who suffered brain damage following complications of open heart surgery

  • *8,000,000 – Milkman in Suffolk County who suffered nerve damage after hernia surgery. Case tried to verdict in Suffolk County after defendant refused to make any offer to settle.

  • 7,000,000 – Infant sustained brain damage at birth due to delay in performing C-section

  • 6,000,000 – For woman undergoing hernia repair who was not properly monitored and suffered lack of oxygen to her brain after surgery

  • 5,100,000 – Failure to provide oxygen to 39 year old mother following C-Section

  • 5,000,000 – Cardiac Arrest suffered when woman who had pneumonia was being administered unnecessary medical tests which put her at greater risk for her cardiac arrest

  • 4,409,090 – For infant who suffered neurological injuries. Case was rescued from another law firm.

  • 4,250,000 – Unemployed woman dies more than a week following a C-Section secondary to retained placenta

  • 3,750,000 – Child partially paralyzed on one side of body following child birth due to failure to properly deliver baby and improper use of Pitocin

  • 3,750,000 – For failure to recognize hydrocephalus – fluid on brain- in pediatric patient causing irreversible brain injury

  • *3,500,000 – Death of 69 year old following abdominal surgery, where hospital destroyed a portion of his medical records

  • 3,300,000 – Infant sustained cerebral palsy at birth due to failure to recognize delivery complications

  • 3,000,000 – Stroke following child birth

  • 2,350,000 – For Estate of physician died as a result of delay in treating an infection in hospital where was employed

  • *2,300,000 – Infection in a 72 year old nonverbal man who was mistreated for gout and developed complications from the improper treatment and use of antibiotics causing “C-Diff” infection

  • 2,000,000 – For Failure to properly diagnose and treat salivary gland tumor which recurred causing facial paralysis

  • 1,950,000 – Improperly trained and unsupervised worker electrocuted while installing light fixture during first week on the job renovating an out of State warehouse

  • 1,910,000 – Bus attendant who was never told of hospital finding cancer on a chest x-ray leading to a delayed diagnoses of lung cancer.

  • *1,718,000 – Nursing assistant who was not treated with indicated anticoagulants causing neurological injury

  • *1,500,000 – For failure to timely treat small bowel obstruction in homeless woman who was being treated for ovarian cancer

  • 1,400,000 – Bank teller who had with back problem and was not properly treated causing lower leg weakness

  • 1,355,000 – Foreign national whose blood disorder was not timely diagnosed causing weakness of lower leg

  • 1,225,000 – For failure to diagnose dislocated hip in infant

  • *1,200,000 – Verdict for client injured with carpel tunnel syndrome in car accident despite no impact with other car

  • *1,100,000 – For case where prior attorney dropped – for failure to timely do a C- Section

  • 1,000,000 – From City for Dr. who failed to diagnose breast cancer – when case came to W&F after statute of limitations expired against city

  • *1,100,000 – Injury to vaginal area following gynecological surgery in client who had to testify through an interpreter

  • 1,000,000 – For 55 year old man who while performing repairs in a fire station was caused to fall imjuring his leg and arm

  • 900,000 – Unemployed woman who suffered an infection after a procedure to remove uterine Fibroids

  • 900,000 – Worker falls from defective scaffold despite his causing the injury by his own actions

  • *800,000 – Verizon employee with hepatitis who had excessive bleeding complications following a liver biopsy

  • 875,000 – For legal malpractice on behalf of personal injury plaintiff who had attorneys who did not file suit timely

  • *850,000 – Ceiling Collapse in basement apartment where tenant was hurt

  • 825,000 – From building owner/landlord for client who was hit by falling garbage thrown from the roof

  • 750,000 – Inmate who suffered from six day erection while incarcerated and was denied his civil rights of medical treatment

  • 750,000 – Legal malpractice case for attorney’s failure to properly set up an estate to start a wrongful death action causing case to be dismissed

  • *750,000 – Visiting nurse service employee who fell down stairs after banister came off wall, complained of back pains and had no surgery

  • *750,000 – Loss of second toe following foot surgery by a podiatrist

  • 750,000 – Failure to diagnose breast cancer in breast cancer survivor

  • 750,000 – For failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancy and loss of one fallopian tube

  • 750,000 – Case against VA/United States of America – for improper treatment of prostate cancer in senior citizen/veteran, with radioactive seeds misplaced

  • 700,000 – Fall over broken-up sidewalk with need for knee surgery

  • *675,000 – Need for implant following orthopedic surgery

  • *600,000 – Slip and fall of home health aide pushing a wheel chair over a improperly maintained sidewalk ramp

  • 600,000 – Improper foot surgery causing pain on bottom of foot for which further surgery was recommended but never performed

  • 600,000 – For stroke that occurred due to failure to properly treat high blood pressure in Nassau County

  • 600,000 – For emergency room failure to diagnose and treat impending stroke

  • 525,000 – For nursing home resident/senior citizen who fell out of a wheelchair

  • *500,000 – For torn rotator cuff following motor vehicle accident

  • *550,000 – For failure to properly treat familiar intestinal polyps

  • 475,000 – For driver hurt in a car accident suffering cervical pain

  • *300,000 – For legal malpractice against Attorney for filing inadequate notice of claim

  • *260,000 – Fall over plywood affixed to subway platform despite client running through train platform

  • 250,000 – Motorcyclist hit by a car


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